The Buying Process


Purchasing a home is an exciting and sometimes challenging experience for many buyers. A home is typically the largest single investment you will make and if you’re like most people, you recognize the need for assistance from a professional real estate agent—one who understands our local real estate market. I will skillfully guide you through this process and walk you through the sometimes complicated steps of purchasing a home in a competitive market. Once you've found the home you can see yourself living in, there are several steps you will go through before you can officially call it your own:


Making an Offer in a Competitive Market

Finding the right home is one thing, getting it is an entirely separate matter! As you probably know, the Seattle real estate market is a competitive one. In most Seattle and Eastside neighborhoods, properly priced homes will receive multiple offers to purchase, and in most cases, escalating the sales price. While the offer price is a significant factor, there are additional ways to increase the overall appeal and strength of your offer. It's not uncommon for buyers in this market to conduct pre-inspections and/or remove traditional contract contingencies to be competitive. In multiple offer scenarios, I will explain and strategically guide you through the process, empowering you to put your strongest offer forward.


Purchase And Sale Agreement

Once your offer has been accepted, you enter into a legal contract with the seller known as a Purchase and Sale Agreement. The contract document outlines the specific terms and conditions of the transaction and is acknowledged by both parties by the signing of the document.


Home Inspection

If your purchase contract includes an inspection contingency, you will have an opportunity to hire a home inspector to investigate the property and determine if the home is in need of any repairs. An inspector will check items such as the roof, basement, heating system, water heater, air-conditioning system, structure, plumbing, and electrical. A home inspection also points out the positive aspects of a home, as well as the maintenance that will be necessary to keep it in good shape. Remember, no home is perfect. When serious problems are found, I will help you negotiate with the sellers to cover the costs of certain repairs or to ask for concessions.



Now that you've secured a property and have an actual purchase price and closing date, you’ll be working more in-depth with your lender on your final loan approval. To learn more about this process, pay a visit to my financing page. If you have not yet been pre-approved for a loan, please contact me for a referral of one of my trusted lenders.


Title Insurance

You will receive a full report detailing the property history for you and your lender to ensure there are no legal encumbrances between a new owner and the property being purchased.



Once the offer is accepted and a closing date agreed upon, escrow is opened to allow you and the seller to have an outside party ensure all parts of the contact are complete. I will help coordination the completion of all necessary forms to the escrow company and monitor the escrow process until the transaction is complete.



At closing, after the closing paperwork is signed by you and the seller, both parties pay any settlement fees and the documents are officially recorded with the county. Prior to closing, you'll receive a settlement statement outlining any fees that may apply to you. After closing is finalized and recorded, the home is yours!